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Custom fireplace doors beautify your fireplace AND provide safety and energy savings. Our glass fireplace enclosures are building code compliant, rugged and custom fit. And we install, too!

We represent Stoll Fireplace Inc. and Pilgrim Home & Hearth. A vast variety of styles and finishes are available for both masonry fireplace doors and manufactured fireplaces.

Consult with Bart Tyler, our certified expert, to determine the best solution for your fire place door needs. Call Bart at 914-232-3351 or email

Be sure to bring the approximate width and height of your fireplace opening when you come to the shop. Don’t worry about measurement accuracy … Bart will visit your home to take final measurements and note all site conditions before finalizing the order for your doors.

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Stoll Fireplace, Inc.

Stoll Industries creates fireplace accessories designed to enhance the durability and timelessness of the classic American fireplace. Stoll offers glass doors in traditional, rustic, modern, essential, and legacy styles, and also creates screens and other accessories. Kelloggs & Lawrence is the official Stoll fireplace installer for Katonah and the surrounding areas.

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Pilgrim Home & Hearth

Pilgrim has been making America's best-selling fireplace accessories for the last 65 years. With tool sets, screens and home décor products, Pilgrim is known for creating high quality fireplace accessories that enhance the safety and beauty of your fireplace.

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Fireplace Door FAQs

"Besides Meeting the Building Code... What Are the Benefits of Doors?" Doors reduce energy loss, provide safety protection against sparks and tumbling logs and give a more finished look to your fireplace. In many situations fireplace doors can eliminate smoking problems.

"My Opening Is Rough Stone... Can A Door Really Fit Over the Opening?" Inside Fit doors are mounted into the opening of your fireplace, set back an inch or two, leaving your stone edge exposed. The door is mortared into place giving a great finished look.

"Will Doors Help Stop My Fireplace From Smoking?" It is important to determine the cause and severity of your smoking problem to be certain. Bart will consult with you to determine whether doors are a solution or if there are other house or chimney issues that need to be resolved to relieve smoking. If your fireplace smokes at the beginning and end of the fire but drafts well during a well established blaze, then doors will help because you can close them during start up and smolder periods.

"I've Had Trouble With Binding Fireplace Doors and Stuck Mesh Curtain Screens." Both Bosse and Stoll use track-free doors that never bind and can be swung fully to each side so that there is no door in the way of your fire view. Solid, rugged panel screen doors are used instead of mesh screen material. Latches close the screens securely to ensure logs cannot tumble out of the opening.

"Can I Get Just A Screen and Not Glass?" Absolutely. Doors can be designed with mesh only if you don’t want the look of glass. You lose the energy benefit of the doors, however.

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